Whether your call center agents support or sell, Aigent’s AI powered assistant makes every interaction better.

  • Intuitive feedback to reduce call times and increase customer satisfaction.

    Aigent uses cutting edge AI to actively listen during live calls, discreetly guiding your agents to stay on the best path. It’s like having an expert sit next to every one of your agents, for every call.

    Customer Help
  • Your customers want the best human help.

    Our AI doesn’t replace agents with an IVR system or an obvious chatbot AI; it works to enhance live conversations by actively listening and providing real-time guidance.

    Human Help
  • Both super smart and a no brainer.

    With Aigent your customers are happier; your agents are more accurate and compliant. And the best part? You’re saving money.

    No Brainer

The Aigent system

Voice recognition

Aigent’s advance and robust voice recognition skill gives it the ability to listen to and understand calls in real time. We’ve developed proprietary speech recognition models tailored to call center applications, allowing us to understand more of every conversation.

Real-time Guidance

Aigent provides guidance to agents in real time, correcting issues and taking advantage of opportunities for improvement while the customer is still on the line.

Machine learning

Aigent uses machine learning to progressively improve the way it serves your agents and provide you with critical insights into how your organization is performing.

User Interface

You don’t want your agents distracted, and neither do we. We’ve designed Aigent to be like an expert sitting next to your agents, intervening only when necessary to improve the speed, quality, or process compliance of a call.

Configured for you

Aigent is customized to your business goals and processes, and continues to learn and improve through the use of our advanced machine learning technology.

Management reports

Customer service is awash in valuable information about process effectiveness and customer sentiment, and Aigent helps to unlock it’s potential.

Team Aigent

We’re a team of technologists with deep customer servicing expertise.

Ray Iglesias

Chief Executive Officer

Corey Besaw

Chief Product Officer

Sebastian Lagemann

Chief Technology Officer


Product Manager


DevOps Engineer


User Experience Analyst


Quality Assurance Officer


NLP Research Engineer


ASR Engineer


Backend Engineer


Backend Engineer


VP, Client Solutions


Backend Engineer


Marketing Manager