We will make every interaction better, as it’s happening.


Deliver the leading AI technology platform for voice conversations, empowering agents in real time to delight your customers beyond expectation.

Core Values

Be Bold and Responsible

At Aigent we act bold and fearless and we don't wait for others to take action. There is no 'somebody else's problem' and if we see a problem, we fix it. Instead of asking for permission, we ask for forgiveness if our changes break something. We are able to take risks like that because we are owners: We know the risk involved in our actions and follow the principle of 'you break it, you fix it'. That also means there is no shame for mistakes!

Bring New Ideas and Use Boring Solutions

The result counts! We use any means necessary to solve a problem; our toolbox includes anything from ugly solutions and dirty hacks, to using new technologies and coming up with innovative ideas. We keep in mind that technology is a tool, not the goal. We don't stay in our comfort zone and learn (and try!) something new every day. We work smart, not hard!

Be Disruptive but Seek Harmony

We are a diverse team, not only in nationalities, but also in personalities and opinions. We embrace the value we gain through this: Everyone has the right responsibility to challenge existing approaches throughout the company, nothing should be safe of criticism or questions. We value and welcome different perspectives, it’s what makes us authentic!

This approach only works with empathy and patience. We don't want assholes! We assume only the best intentions from our peers. We make sure others understand what we're trying to say, and ensure we understand others by using active listening.

Stick To The Vision and Listen To The Customer

Aigent's goal is to help agents in real time during voice conversations and we keep this in mind whenever we work on our product and technologies. That means we are conscious on what we choose to work, and on what we don't work; we always strive to improve the experience for our end user with any change.

We listen to the customer and the market to make sure we are adding maximum value to our customers.

Meet our Team

We are an Amsterdam-based start-up with deep roots in call center services and technology.

We believe that technology should make people smarter, not replace people.

Our team of machine learning experts, linguists, programmers and product analysts is there to help improving your agents’ performance.

Ray Iglesias

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Lagemann

Chief Technology Officer

Casey McGuane

EVP, Business Development


Backend Engineer


Team Lead Data Acquisition Team


Security Specialist


Product Development


Testing Lead


Lead DevOps


ASR Software Engineer


Testing Lead


Monitoring Support


Business Analyst


Brand Marketing


Backend Engineer


Backend Engineer


AI Platform Engineer


DevOps Engineer


Quality Assurance and Linguistics Officer


Team Lead Data Acquisition Team


Operations Manager Data Acquisition Team


Monitoring Support


Backend Engineer


Tools Engineer


Marketing Manager


Director of Operations & Project Management


Data Engineer


Data Analyst

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Netherlands office:

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