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We understand how critical it is to ‘get it right’ on every live voice call with a member. Aigent can detect and guide agents for when to correctly file a grievance, mitigate a grievance, and best handle appeals and claims. 
For quality, efficiency, and compliance reasons, you can trust Aigent’s Live Voice AI platform will deliver on every member call, whether it’s inbound or outbound
Customer Help

'Keep Calm and... Support Your Customers.'

Empower agents with real-time guidance to solve difficult situations successfully. Let Aigent detect unhappy and frustrated customers and improve customers’ perception of the service and your CSat score!

Research reveals that soft skills are a highly problematic area for call center agents’ training and results.

Repeated calls and misunderstandings on the subject of the call can lead to a frustrated customer. Customer frustration drives CSAT scores down and can even lead to formal complaints and to lengthy and expensive reparation processes. 

Customer Help

Successful agents display empathy and service-oriented skills through certain key-words and behaviors.

However, developing an agent’s soft skills takes time. Having floor managers surveilling all calls costs money.

Aigent's Solution

Customer express frustration through certain words and sentences.

Our platform automatically detects a custom set of trigger words and phrases indicating that a customer is becoming angry or frustrated. 

A pop-up message provides guidance in real-time for the agent to best mitigate that risk by matching the cue word pronounced by the customer with proven soft skill tips to deal with irritated customers.

New outcome: A satisfied customer, a closed call, money saved.

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