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No Brainer

Assists agents anywhere and can be easily integrated.

Aigent offers services to integrate with your call-center connectivity solution. We assure that adding Aigent to your call center technology setup is hassle-free, risk-free and requires minimal technology resources.

Allows flexibility and offers custom tools for your business

Aigent’s algorithms are controlled through a scenario editor. This means there’s a fully custom set of alerts and information prompts based on your business case scenarios. While you have the full power and freedom to customize Aigent yourself, our Enterprise Solution includes a full-service setup and maintenance program where our specialists will do everything for you.

Uses specific content and terminology

Aigent performs Live Call Listening through a Proprietary Speech Model and Pattern Matching algorithms calibrated to your own Business Cases. The Speech Model is available in English and has been trained on variable accents. In our Enterprise Solution, we tailor our speech recognition and natural language capabilities to your specific programs.

Your Calls Data, Immediately Visualized

Data about agents’ performance and issues are captured by the Product Dashboard and Platform Analytics. This way, the metrics your managers need are immediately visualized and ready for making informed decisions. We'll communicate pro-actively and regularly in weekly, bi-weekly and monthly calls with every stakeholder involved on your side to learn and tailor our product specifically to your requirements.

On-premise ACD deployment options

There are two options available to clients using an on-premise call center solution (ran on own physical server) and want to use Aigent along with it.

Aigent Cloud Connector

In many cases there is already a server in place which receives the relevant replicated network traffic to, for example, collect and store audio recordings of conversations in your enterprise. If this is the case and there are remaining hardware resources available on these servers, an additional Aigent Cloud Connector program can be placed on the same server.

Aigent Appliance

When your enterprise would rather not take the responsibility of running and maintaining the Aigent Cloud Connector, Aigent offers to install and set up an Appliance (typically 2x U1 servers) for each site, which will be delivered pre-configured. This is a fully hassle free option if your ACD runs on-premise! 

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