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We understand your industry. That is why we give your agents the right guidance in real-time while ensuring regulatory compliance in every single call. Below you’ll find two use cases, Compliance Monitoring and Proactive Process Guidance we created specifically for your industry.

Compliance Monitoring

Your Agents Need Guidance To Ensure Legally Compliant Customer Care.

Complaints to regulatory third parties happen when the customer feels mishandled, is put through repeated calls, or their needs are not appropriately addressed.

When formal complaints happen, customer contact centers can incur lawsuits, fines and other hassles.

The platform’s Regulatory Complaint Prevention function helps your agents deal with and prevent complaints to third parties (i.e. banking regulators, legal bodies).

When certain trigger words are uttered, junior agents are told to transfer the call to their supervisor, and senior agents are told to log the complaint in their internal tools. A pop-up message such as the one on the left is shown to the agent in real time.

Complaint is avoided or recorded for further action, customer has been handled in the best way!

Proactive Process Guidance

Empowering agents to work smarter, faster and in compliance.

No Brainer

Experience in call center operations shows that agents do not always follow the given procedures, lack experience or tend to forget how to handle complex customer questions.

When receiving a phone call, the questions are usually very specific for every call center program. In some cases there are more than 70 different processes to choose from. The agent has several details to remember on the spot while the customer is on the phone. 

Aigent's AI is the memory of the agent.

Aigent identifies which process must be followed for any specific question that is uttered, and displays it in real time on the desktop of the agent.

Aigent is helping agents so that they don’t need to remember, go through complex knowledge bases, but rather they have the information first hand as soon as the customer asks for it. 

Common Use Cases

Password Reset


Agents are provided with the information they need to help the customer solve their concern. In case of a password reset, it reminds the agent of some of the key points which they often forget to mention and therefore not compliant according to the procedure with the password reset calls.

Outcome with Aigent

Agent should explain to the customer the password criteria.

The agent also will inform the customer about the next steps on how to reset the password online in the future. By clicking the ‘forgot login information” link prior to being locked out (after 3 invalid login attempts), were the next steps are shown in the display on the screen.


Agents should inform the customer that there is a service fee which only can be waived once customer has qualifying deposits per monthly statement cycle.

Outcome with Aigent

Customer is informed about the account is FDIC insured and that lower fees and higher interest rates than competitors.

Monthly Service Fee

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