Relevant product knowledge, without browsing, right when you need it to land a perfect sales pitch or five star customer assistance experience. 

No Brainer

Some companies offer a large volume of complex products and multiple product types, and customer service agents must provide support or sales for all of them.

Expecting agents to memorise all this information is unfeasible. Browsing a knowledge base for the right information takes time. 

Aigent can assist your team when supporting complex, multiple product types and provides accurate guidance for the agent to quickly locate and share correct information.

Good To Know 

Aigent is customized and configured to your business goals and needs and continues to learn and improve through the use of our advanced machine learning technology.

While the customer is talking on the phone, Aigent detects by listening in real-time and shows a new window on the desktop with all information displayed. The agent does not have to manually search the knowledge database to find the correct information, which leads to reduced call times. 

With Aigent technology your calls are shorter and you will increase customer satisfaction and sales!

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