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Case study BankMobile

The challenge

BankMobile is an EdTech provider of student checking accounts which disburses billions of dollars annually to 6 million students attending over 1,500 colleges and universities. BankMobile provides voice support with 150+ Customer Care agents.

BankMobile wants to drive CSAT performance and use AI to identify 'at risk' calls for immediate escalation to reduce complaints and ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

Aigent's Solution

  • Proprietary speech model for 150+ agents.
  • Live call listening and real-time messages notify agents to escalate 'at risk' calls to reduce regulatory complaints.
  • Real-time guidance and messages for common call scenarios such as password resets, refund inquiries, monthly service fees, and daily spending limits.
  • Delivers messages on over 50% of calls, employing continuous ML optimization.


  • 90%+ of Aigent messages sent to BankMobile agents are judged to be accurate and helpful.
  • 13% reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT).
  • Proprietary client-specific measurements of agent performance: - 7% increase in Speed Score (from 77% to 84%) - 6% increase in Accuracy Score (from 76% to 82%)
  • Complaints have decreased.
  • In the first full quarter with Aigent, new heights were reached for Net Promoter Score (NPS) and First Call Resolution (FCR).

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