Comprehensive security and compliance

Aigent takes your data privacy serious. We combine the latest security protocols with comprehensive audits of our infrastructure to ensure customer data is protected.


Certifications and audit reports ensure data security, physical security, service deployment, system access, incident management and operational resilience meet industry-leading compliance standards. The aforementioned policies are audited yearly.

Data Privacy

Aigent takes secure data exchange and storage very seriously. All data access in Aigent is guarded to ensure no unauthorized users can see or modify your data without your permission. Aigent uses AES technology to encrypt data.

Aigent’s primary objective is not to collect, process and index client and end-consumers sensitive data. However, Aigent may be in contact with sensitive information within audio recordings and transcriptions and therefore establishes and follows strict controls.

These controls aim to ensure that any data containing sensitive and/or personal information is identified, filtered and anonymized before being stored and that any remaining data (metadata) is de-identified and secured by the best possible standards.

While Aigent is not able to remove this information from audio recordings, Aigent is masking corresponding data in automatic transcriptions. Additionally, Aigent is also enforcing guidelines during manual transcription and labelling processes to remove personal and sensitive information from resulting, easily searchable, data like transcriptions.

Standards and certifications

We employ independent third party auditors to certify that our systems and processes comply with all the latest industry standards.

PCI-DSS Level 1

Maintains enterprise-wide compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which is audited and certified annually by a third party.


Complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which regulates how individuals’ data are used and stored.

256-Bit Encryption

All client data is transferred and stored using bank grade 256-Bit encryption, the industry standard for security.


All browser communication is encrypted and authenticated to ensure secure communication between systems

Service Level Agreements

We fully guarantee the quality and reliability  of our services for each of our customers.

Regular training and testing

All Aigent team members undergo regular compliance and data security training and testing.

Listening to your concerns

We are listening to your concerns! Please use to report any suspected security breaches or incidents.
Concerns on ethics or code of conduct? Let us know via this anonymous form.

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