Call Center Survey

Aigent conducted a survey among Call Center Supervisors.


We were looking to define key information about the challenges, duration, and key factors of a call center aigent’s training and performance.

Here is what we learned.

Some call center agents are expected to take in live calls even if the training was rushed or incomplete.

This is because for 43% of agents, average training time is 2-4 weeks. Sometimes, this time must be cut short.

A call center agent’s average training time.
Call center agents that become “highly proficient”

28% of call center agents didn’t achieve a high level of proficiency before taking live calls. Practice makes perfect, as they say, but practicing live can have high costs for the contact center.

At the same time, with the traditional training and guidance tools, 37% of agents take 3 to 6 months to become proficient at their job, and another 22% takes up to one year.

Knowing that the average call center agent stays in their position for as little as 6 months, and that less than 20% of agents remains on the job longer than two years, the time it takes for agents to become proficient is too long, and bears too many costs.

Time lag between hire and high level proficiency

Top development challenges when onboarding new call center agents.

Product knowledge and empathy are the key development challenges that call center agents face.

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